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Trade between France and Macao has a long history and thanks to the strong development of the Macao SAR, trade has continued to grow and diversify. France and Macao are both important trading countries and highly ranking within the most prosperous nations enjoying many common shared values.

Within this favorable environment and thanks to the support of the French Consulate for Hong Kong and Macao as well as the strong support of IPIM our FMBA was launched officially by Ms. Pansy Ho our Honorary Chairlady since 2008.

The FMBA is a nonprofit organization of business people and professionals from different ways of life with an active interest in developing commercial and trade relations between France within the European Community and Macao within the Pearl River Delta.

Although being a quite young association today FMBA membership totals around 87 members including corporate and individual members. The number of members has increased by over 100% compared with last year.

Our Association is a nonprofit organization that aims at:
  • To provide a platform for business people to meet, exchange and discuss issues of common interest regarding business in the region.
  • To promote French and Macao trade and investment.
  • To contribute to a harmonious and profitable relations between the professional and business communities of Macao and France
  • To represent views and interests of its members.
  • To act as a facilitator link between our members and the Macao SAR administration.
  • To act as a bridge with other French and European and regional organizations and association.

As young associations, our activity is continuously evolving with the ultimate objective to offer our members valuable benefits. Through the FMBA we offer following benefits for our members:

  • Networking opportunities through the organization of events, cocktails, and our most valued annual Gala dinner.
  • Support to new entrants in the market by offering assistance and members experience exchange and help to connect to the right people and organizations.
  • Offer Brand name and company promotion opportunities.
  • Seminars, talks, briefings focusing on a wide range of business related subjects such as tax, legal, economy and others.
  • Opportunities to participate in events organized by our partners such as Macao Business and DELTA Bridge as well as other organizations such as the European Chamber of Commerce and the Alliance Française.
  • Marketing support through our strategic partner XDChannel
  • Access to the members data base with consense
  • Regular information through e-mails and our website

We would like to invite any business women or business men as well as professionals or academics regardless of nationality to join our FMBA and become a corporate or individual member. Our FMBA relies exclusively on the membership fees and sponsorships and having more members will certainly help us to further expand our services and benefits.

Finally we would like to take the opportunity to thank in the name of all FMBA Board for the strong support from the IPIM, The French Consulate for Hong Kong and Macao, our valuable sponsors as well as our partners and members.