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Messages from Ms Pansy Ho

Managing Director of Shun Tak Holdings Limited - Ms. Pansy Ho


FMBA has made tremendous progress in promoting French commercial ties in Macau and within the region since its inception in 2008. The association strives to continue providing assistance and support to new entrants to explore the myriad of trade opportunities in this thriving economy, and foster many more new bilateral relationships between existing businesses. Professionals, entrepreneurs and corporations have taken this forum to exchange ideas and match resources, together contributing to the internationalization of Macau.

The new membership directory will be an invaluable tool for members to showcase their products and services, giving them direct exposures to genuine leads and interests. Abound with unique brands, exports, offerings and talents, French businesses are advantageously positioned to tap the enormous potentials of Macau with the right visibility and channels provided by FMBA.

Pansy Ho
Honorable Chairlady of France Macau Business Association