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FMBA membership is valid from January 1st to December 31st. In other words, it’s time for being our FMBA Membership! Please find the attached invoice for FMBA membership.

In 2013, FMBA has created three different schemes of membership to suit your needs:

Corporate members includes registration for 2 designated representatives: MOP 3000.00
* The 2 representatives are not allowed to interchange. They will appear with photos and corporate logo on a single color printed page in our annual directory.

SME / Professionals includes registration for 1 representative: MOP 1800.00
* SME is represented by its owner and will appear with photo and logo on half of a black-and-white page in our annual directory.

Individual membership is intended for individuals not represent any company: MOP 1000.00
* Individual members are allowed to attend FMBA events but will only appear as a list of names in our annual directory.

Online Membership Application
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